PlayStation VR system

PlayStation VR system

The PlayStation VR system is a 'Virtual Reality' headset developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Sony next generation PlayStation will feature improved fields that will capture players eyes and playing emotions. As the gaming giant is promoting it, the new headset will feature improvements in everything from resolution to field of view to track and input.

The new version, PSVR2, will run using a single cord connection which will enable less cluttered play. When this new version be release? Some people are expecting it to be release at some point in 2022, and it should take into account that, at this point no games have yet been announced for it.

Back in October 2016 when the original PlayStation VR was launched for the PS4 console helped PlayStation VR system to stand out from his competitors, mainly the Microsoft's Xbox One.

Even if it's too early to say as there is still a lot of development under way for our new VR system, some people think that the new generation of PlayStation VR will have the same impact for the PS5 versus Xbox Series X.

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