How to prepare your garden

How to prepare your garden

Gardening is seen as a therapeutic for humanity wellbeing which not only bring sunshine to anyone garden but also can give mental health a boost.

Before starting gardening, tools preparation is essential. The cold and wet weather can cause tools to rust, depending on where they are stored. To replace or clean them may be needed, specifically after the end of the winter season and the beginning of Spring.

In order to give any plants the best chance to grow well, a soil test and pH test is important to determine if your soil will require some treatment such as nutrients before planting.

Based on the result, to either increase the ph of your soil you can add agricultural limestone or to decrease the ph you can add aluminium sulphate and sulphur.

Before starting planting, mark out the area with pegs and string, or use a trickle of sand, then clear grass and weeds in the area. All soils will benefit from the addition of compost. So if needed, try to find organically produced compost to avoid peat in your soil.

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