Get rid of moss in the Garden

Get rid of moss in the Garden

Moss is unfortunately a common problem garden lawn faced. At some point many people may struggle with the growth of moss on their garden lawns, so why does it occur and how to get rid of them? There are a number of factors which can influence moss growth on lawns. These are some reasons you may start seeing moss growing in your garden.

Firstly, worn areas of turf and shady areas of grass are also potential hotspots for moss to flourish.

Secondly, wet weather and waterlogged conditions can also cause moss, as can drought-stressed grass. If moss is becoming a problem in your garden, these are some tips how to get rid of it.

One method involves using a moss killer which contains sulphate of iron. This chemical can be applied in autumn or spring. When the moss turns black a few weeks after treatment has been applied, it can be raked away and properly disposed of.

Another method you may consider to get rid of moss in your garden is scarification. Scarification in botany involves weakening, opening, or otherwise altering the coat of a seed to encourage germination. It is also defined as vigorous raking.

On a small garden this can be done by hand, raking out the moss with a spring-tine rake, but on a bigger garden, mechanical scarifies can be hired. There are different ways you can get rid of moss from garden lawns but most importantly, the root cause of the problem needs to be tackled to ensure a moss-free lawn in the future.

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